The clock is ticking, and I’m counting down to a lot of things:

Tomorrow is the last meeting of the team for the Mexico trip.

Tomorrow is Alli’s birthday party.  (Happy 16th, Alli!)

Monday I have to ship the supplies for the clay class to Mexico.

Tuesday night we have to buy the food for Phil’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

Thursday I have to ship the wholesale fimo nail art order (which still needs 2.5 canes to be constructed, reduced, and baked– yikes!)

Thursday night is the wedding rehearsal.

Friday night is the wedding.  (Congratulations to Phil and Jewel!)

Saturday is the Renaissance Faire.  (Happy 20th birthday, Will!)

Sunday is church and weighing/checking in all the suitcases for the trip.

Monday morning at 2:00 am we leave for Mexico.

I know it sounds like a lot to cram into one week, and in reality I’m kidding myself into believing it won’t be that crazy.  I’m working on things to help minimize the insanity, or at least manage the spinning plates a little bit easier.

I talked to Will about shipping orders for me while I’m in Mexico.   He has a pretty good idea of what to do, because we loosely called him our “shipping department” a time or two in the past.  I’ll have him working with me starting on Monday, shipping out all the orders that come in this week, so that he gets re-familiarized with the system.  And we’ll keep in touch via email while I’m gone, so that if any customer service issues come up, I can advise him on how to handle them.

I’ll have him pack the shipment for Mexico, too, so that can go out and hopefully arrive before my class on the 2nd.  It should arrive a few days before the class so that I know what else I might need to pick up in Zacatecas.

The wh0lesale order with the six backgroundless canes is coming together but it will be down to the wire to get it done.  I’d made the purple rose today at the guild meeting, and will pack it tomorrow when I pack the red rosebud one.  Hopefully both of those get done tomorrow, which will leave Tuesday and Wednesday to make the pink rosebud, get everything baked, packaged, and ready to ship by Thursday.

I’ve got a dress for the wedding, and beads to make the necklace, but I haven’t made it yet.  Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow night or early Monday morning.  It’s very simple stringing so should take me less than an hour, I hope.  Unless I decide to “get creative” or something.  Humph… I won’t hold my breath on that score.

Thanks to Steve and Heather, the trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire is fully organized (thanks for taking this in hand, guys!) so all we have to do is show up on their doorstep at 5 am with money and a cooler full of food.

Everyone is looking forward to going to the faire.  I hope Will has a blast, seeing as how it’s for his birthday.  I wish Philip and Jewel were going.  But their honeymoon takes priority over renaissance faires, of course!

Alright, that’s about it for now; time for me to get some sleep!


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