Faux Pearl Necklace

Well, I’d planned on talking today about my new bifocal glasses.  But I guess my new optometrist doesn’t do one hour glasses like our old one did.  Either that, or you can’t get bifocals made in an hour.  I don’t know.  But it’s going to be a week before I can show you my new spectacles.  So instead, I’ll talk about my new faux pearl necklace.

I’ve wanted a simple pearl necklace for a really long time.  I know I could buy the pearls, but I wanted to make them myself.   I just hadn’t really taken the time to do it, until a couple weeks ago.

With my recent change in wardrobe, returning to my warm autumn color scheme, I realized that my current jewelry and accessories didn’t match.  In fact, quite a bit of my jewelry needs to go.  So I caught some sales at Hobby Lobby and stocked up on findings in antiqued copper, antiqued brass, and gold.

Alright, now about those pearls:  for the base bead, I used a mixture of Fimo Soft and Premo polymer clays, in the color Pearl, of course.  I mixed a little bit of translucent into the clay to help the mica “float” a bit.  And then I rubbed Interference Gold Pearl-Ex on the beads before baking.

I used a 2-part epoxy resin to coat the beads after they were baked, and give them a permanent shine.  I’d stirred a little more Interference Gold into the resin before coating the beads, just to give some depth to the mica.  The pearls are 6 millimeters in diameter, and they are spaced with antiqued copper beads to give the necklace some weight.  I wore it yesterday with this cream colored sweater.  Subtle and classic.  I like that.


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    Sep 02, 2011 @ 19:56:38



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