Lets Go, Retro!

So I’m back from my trip, and finally, *finally* settled into my old routine.  (Don’t misunderstand; I’m not unpacked yet.  There’s still one suitcase that has a toaster oven, and clay, and clothes, and sewing fabric in it.  But that’s another story.)

What I’d like to talk about right now is the retro fashion trend.  Teens and young adults are wearing clothes that look like they came out of my childhood clothes closet.  Well, if you’re reading this and over forty years old, you know how wierd that feels.  I grew up in the age of the Mod Squad and Saturday Night Fever.  Plaid polyester bell bottoms and white platform go-go boots were all the rage.  If you were a man and blessed with lots of chest hair, you could wear your shirt open to the belly button, put on ten pounds of gold chains, and a charm showing what astrological sign you were born under.  Which, of course, moved the conversation along by helping those of us who were tired of asking every person we met what their sign was.

Now it’s cool that kids these days like the clothes their parents wore as teenagers.  If nothing else, it gives us both something to laugh at.  But my interest in retro clothing requires turning the clock back thirty years farther.  The golden age of Hollywood musicals is where my retro heart lies.  Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, The Cotton Club, and Big Band Music have always made my heart happy.   So I’ve been pleased to see fashions from the 40’s returning to popular clothing.   Simplicity has a few patterns that I’ve been drooling over for the last couple of months, all with a 1940’s retro flair.  From aprons to tailored tweed suits, I love it all!

Tying in this interest in 1940’s appearance is a young lady I ran across on You Tube.  Her name is Casey Brown, and she has a love for that 40’s look.  She’s got some video tutorials on doing hair and makeup that is reminiscent of the 40’s, as well as an adorable website, Casey’s Elegant Musings, dedicated to the decade.  I’m going to be giving her updo hairstyle a try tomorrow.  There’s a Mary Kay party at Heather’s house, and it would be perfect for trying it, since all the hair gets swept up and away from the face and neck.  I’ve got a vintage blouse that would look great with my navy blue jersey wrap dress, and I think it would fit in with the 1940’s hairstyle.  If I get time, I’ll take pics!


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