Vintage Hairstyle

I’d talked on my Facebook page about trying out a vintage hairstyle today.  I thought I’d show the pics here and paste how I achieved the style:

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This hairstyle is deceptively easy! You will need shoulder-length or longer hair to do this, though. I followed parts of a couple of YouTube videos, and I’ll give the links to those below. But in a nutshell, here’s how I did it:

Step 1: brush your hair well and create a part wherever you like (center or side). It helps to use a hair stick or rattail comb so your part is straight. After you’ve parted the hair, place the stick just behind your ear, and run it up to meet the part. Gather that front piece of hair and put a claw clip in it, something to keep it separated from the back of the hair. Repeat with the other ear’s side of hair.

Step 2: The Gibson Tuck (back of the hair): brush the back part of the hair well and put it into a ponytail. Pull the ponytail elastic upward away from the head, allowing a little space to develop between the wrapped ponytail holder and the base of the head. Not too much room! Maybe an inch or at most, two. Create a part in the hair with your fingers, just above the ponytail holder, opening up a “pocket” in the underside of the hair. Begin stuffing the tail of hair into that pocket, making sure that the ponytail holder goes into the pocket as well. (If there is too much room between the ponytail holder and the back of your head, this won’t look right. It takes practice!) Spray the Gibson Tuck with hairspray and stuff any stray hairs into the hole.

Step 3: The Victory Rolls: Use a little pomade or hair wax and rub it between the palms of your hands, then comb your fingers through one of the front sections of your hair. Comb through thoroughly and then brush the hair to make sure the pomade or wax is distributed evenly. Hold the hair out from your head at a 10 o’clock position and spray with hairspray lightly; hold the hair still for a minute until it dries. Then begin loosely twisting the hair, with the twists going toward your head rather than away from it. Push the twist upward a bit toward your face to create a bit of a pocket at the top of the twist above your temple. Keep twisting all the way down the shaft of hair and tuck the twisted end into the hole of the Gibson Tuck, putting a bobby pin or two in there to anchor the twisted end in the hole. Repeat with the other side of the hair. Once the hair is anchored in the back, spray the front side of each roll with hairspray, defining the front part of the roll and sculpting the hole there as you wish.

Step 4: Cover the hole at the Gibson Tuck: Use any kind of pin, brooch, hair clip, etc. to disguise or cover the hole left by the Gibson Tuck. I used a scarf clip, held in place with bobby pins.

Here are two videos on YouTube that I thought were really helpful:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pam
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 09:05:12

    “You look faaabulous darrling” she said, as she tossed her boa
    over her shoulder and glided away….


  2. farragio
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 17:24:12

    Very interesting hairstyle. It reminds me of a hairstyle mentioned in Gone With The Wind (the book, not the movie) called Cats, Rats & Mice. Similar rolling of the hair.


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