This is related to both of my sons who are away at AIT. So… we’ve had this ongoing gag that the boys would play on me. I’m arachnophobic. Seriously, I don’t do spiders. Period.

Well, a few years back, the boys had gotten a whole bag full of these plastic, purple/black/green spiders. Really, these things are 4 inches in diamter! And they would leave them places, where I would find them… my desk chair, under piles of paperwork, inside drawers, etc.

And then they’d wait. And wait. And wait, until I screamed my fool head off when I found the dang thing. I was talking to Mark on the phone the other day and he asked me if I’d found them all yet. Yeah… before he left for Basic, he took all his spiders and hid them around the house. Little twerp. 😀

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