Sewing Circle

I took some pictures of our sewing circle group when we got together at my house last Monday night.  We’d been inviting others to join us, bringing craft projects they might be working on, if they wanted to.  There were eight of us that night, but a few of our regulars weren’t able to be there.  Sewing Circles are kind of an old-fashioned idea, but we’re glad that the younger girls are taking a liking to it.  Since we do more than sew, it’s really a crafting thing rather than a strictly sewing thing.  But the point is to get together and be creative, right?

Margo is working on a sketch for her husband, Ryan.  She’s making a pencil drawing of a map of Middle Earth,  from the Lord Of The Rings stories by J.R.R. Tolkein.   This is her second one; the first one was a “dry run”, on a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  That one was claimed by Allen in the white elephant gift game on Christmas Day, and will be proudly hung on our walls here at home.  We’re all Tolkein fans around here, so the map was a good prize as far as white elephants go.  Margo is expecting to be finished with the big map tomorrow night.

Em comes when she can.  This time she was working on making finger rings from unusual buttons, like the one she shows here.  The holes are shaped like the symbols on a deck of playing cards – heart, diamond, spade, and club.  She had some really interesting buttons with her.  I should show her how to make clay buttons so she can do custom-made ones for her rings.

Katie was working on making one of her Duct Tape shoulder bags.  She does a great job with these and has begun selling them to make money for her trip to Ireland.  I’ve ordered a leopard-print one.  She also makes earrings and bracelets out of pop can lids.  I forgot to take a picture of one of her bracelets, but maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

It was Beth’s first time coming to one of our Sewing Circle get-togethers, and she is working on crocheting something – though I forgot to ask her what she was making!  I think it might be a scarf, given the width of the piece she’s working on.  She’s sitting with Taylor on her left.

Taylor and Nicole were just sitting around visiting this time, but they’ve worked on different projects in the past.  We allow people to just hang out and enjoy the food, which this time was buffalo chicken and pizza.  Alli is standing in the background, waiting for me to help her with her sewing project.

Alli is working on making a medieval  corset for the Bristol Renaissance Faire in July.   She’s using some old fabric I have had for years – leftover Jacquard upholstery fabric that I’d used to re-cover couch cushions from a long-gone sofa and love seat.  Alli’s grandmother sews quite a bit, and she’s made some things before, though not this elaborate.  Can’t wait to see how it all comes out.  There are four of us girls working on Ren Faire costumes, so it’s a regular thing to see that long counter in my kitchen covered in fabric.  (Or the floor, if no other cutting surface is available, and your dress is much too long for the table…)

Allison wasn’t feeling too well that night – she’d just had two wisdom teeth pulled and she was kinda tired, so she sat and watched movies with Allen.  Oh the irony… they were watching one of the Lord Of The Rings movies.  See what I mean?  We do have a Tolkein thing in my family.  This picture was taken from the kitchen railing, overlooking the ground-floor family room.

Dang!  I couldn’t believe I bent this sewing machine needle soooo badly!  I was working on a pair of pants from a previous project – remember the teal pants from last summer?  Well, the fabric is part polyester, and I didn’t do something fairly critical:  I didn’t surge or pink the edges of the fabric.  So over the last six months or so, the seam allowances have been slowly shedding.  It got so bad with the teal pants in the background, that when I put my foot into one of the pants legs, my toe caught one of the strings and nearly pulled the hem out.  Not good.  So my project last Monday was to go through both the teal and blue pairs of pants, zig-zagging all the seam allowances.  It was such a pain, but I’m glad it’s done.  Tomorrow night, I’ll be working on a very pretty chocolate satin dress that I’m in the fabric-cutting phase on.  Or maybe I’ll finish the brown pants I’d started.  Or maybe I’ll work on one of the Jacquard vests I’d planned on…


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