Dinner At Steve & Heather’s

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of taking my camera with me.  It’s a habit I’d like to develop, so that special moments don’t slip by without a token of remembrance.

On Sunday night, we all had dinner over at Steve & Heather’s house.  Pot-luck style, they had provided burgers and bratwurst and we brought the rest.  Margo made some of her family-famous deviled eggs.  I brought pickles, olives, and chips.  Heather made this delicious stuffing with sausage and celery.  I had two helpings of that and I need to get the recipe.   Along with Steve & Heather, there was Margo, Ryan, William, Jewel, her sister Janai, Allen, and I.

Heather was really excited, because she just got her new video camera and wanted to show it to us.  She works at a The Launchpad, where she makes corporate marketing and training videos.  Her company, Cooper Leigh Productions, is part of the Thomas Schumer Group.

Steve works at The Launchpad as well, and is their IT expert.  His company, Teknologik, provides computer support and repair, website development and social media promotion.  I took pics of the two of them cooking together and their two dogs, Jack-Jack and Vader.

Margo and Jewel were hamming it up for the camera.  Allen thinks his girls are pretty silly.

Will is working on the chain maille for his Ren Faire costume.  The girls are helping him to cut links, so that the process will go faster.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about the BIG STORM.  I’ve taken some pictures, for comparison purposes.  Usually the Peoria area gets about 3 inches of snow at any one time.  We’ve got a good six already, and we’re expecting at least ten more.  There hasn’t been a blizzard this intense in the area since 1906.  More on that, tomorrow… providing my power doesn’t go out!


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