Sewing Pattern Organizer

You should have seen my sewing area after the Renaissance Faire.  It looked like a tornado had swept half the pattern tissues out of their packages and strewn them about the room.  Now that would be pretty accurate if the tornado had been named Charlene-Margo-Heather-William.  So having a nice, long Sunday afternoon free from responsibility, I decided to tackle the mess and get things organized.

What resulted was a genius idea to solve a happy problem:  how to store all the patterns I have?  While my hubby was working on unpacking our upstairs ‘library’, he had a lot of boxes that were for reams of paper.  They’re about 10 inches or so wide and about 14 inches long.  I asked if I could have the empties, and then started hacking at them with a box knife.  I cut them down to about half their height so that the pattern name could be seen, and then I wrote the types of patterns in that box on a 3×5 card which I taped to the front of the box.

After moving storage items around and playing musical cupboards for awhile, I ended up with one whole cupboard that was absolutely empty.  It now holds all my organized patterns in it!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 09:55:47

    Cool idea, Ca.
    Several years ago I did something similar with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie boxes. I covered them in white butcher paper and wrote the category on the end with Perma Marker.

    I don’t have near the patterns you have, but enough LOL… one is even marked GARB. Guess we’ve found one more thing in common ‘eh


  2. Charlene
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 10:42:33

    Yes we have! And had I had girl scout cookie boxes, I would have liked to use those better than using paper ream boxes. (prettier to look at)


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