Yes, It’s A Wig

No, I’m not bald.

Well, not yet.  I have a bare spot on the top of my head, about half inch wide and four inches long.  The hair around it is fairly thin, and I usually I try to cover that up by careful arrangement of my hair.  But it does create a concern that as I am only 46, my hair will thin farther and farther in that spot until it becomes noticeable no matter what I do.

But that’s not why I got the wig.

My reason for buying it harkens back to the Bristol Renaissance Faire costume preparations.  One day, my oldest daughter-in-law wanted to know if I’d seen the clip-in hair extensions at Walgreens.  I said I hadn’t, and off to the drug store we went!

They were cute – ponytail style clips with a long synthetic hair.  My daughter-in-law found one that matched her hair perfectly, and it looked so cute!  But alas, they had no redheaded hair extensions.

That got me thinking, and I started hitting beauty supply stores, looking for clip-in extensions in other colors.  The third store was like hair Nirvana!  Not only did they have some adorable clippies with an assortment of lengths, they also had my light auburn color.  As I got to talking to the clerk, she invited me to the back of the store, where they had their full-head wigs.  No I hadn’t considered wearing a full wig for the Faire, but now that she mentioned it, I was curious.

  I fell in love.  Isn’t this cute?  And doesn’t it look totally natural?  I was shocked when I put it on and it matched my hair to a T.  When the clerk told me it was $25.00, I couldn’t believe it.  That was so cheap!   I bought it right on the spot.

Funny thing though, I didn’t end up wearing it for the Faire after all.  At the last minute, I had decided to put my hair up in a bun because the weather was going to be so hot and humid in Wisconsin.  So the wig went in the closet.  But I hadn’t forgotten how cute it was, and the following Sunday, I pulled it out and wore it to church.  I had a half-dozen compliments on my hair, and my relatives just though I had gotten my hair streaked.  (They aren’t visible in the photos, but there are blonde-highlighted streaks in the wig).

Even though I don’t need to wear it, I find myself pulling it on fairly frequently, for the main reason that it’s so easy to have a cute hairstyle in less than 5 minutes.  My natural hair is about the same length as the wig; but I just tuck it up at the nape of my neck and put the wig on, keeping my bangs out and blending them with the synthetic hair, sweeping them up into clips.

No curling iron.  No hot rollers.  No messy styling aids.  No worry that humidity will ruin the hour’s worth of work I usually have to put into my hair to get it to look like this.  Who wouldn’t turn that down?!

So how do you feel about wigs in general?  Do you have any preconceived ideas about them?  I’d love to year your experiences if you wear them, too.








4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ivy Niles Koehn
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 15:52:51

    Wow, I would NEVER have guessed that was a wig! I think it looks fabulous, I LOVE that you don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing it, and KUDOS to you for being so open about it! 🙂


  2. chicquero
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 16:42:25

    veryyy realistic! good job


  3. Charlene
    Aug 15, 2011 @ 16:54:17

    Thanks, Ivy and Denis! I gotta pass the press for the maker of the wig: FreeTress ( This is the Latte Girl style, in color F376.

    I think there’s a subtle stigma, particularly for white women, in regards to wearing wigs for fashion. With already full heads of hair, we think that wigs aren’t for us, because we just gotta work with what we go. I know I had that subconscious prejudice against wigs until I tried it. I’m going to be one white girl who wants to fight that stigma!


  4. Rolanda Taylor Enroth
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 14:04:38

    A lot of white women wear wigs and extensions. They just don’t talk about it. And I just don’t mean celebrities.
    Not everyone is born with a thick head of hair. Genes, Charlene, genes!!!
    2 of my sisters have thick hair (hate them:-)) and 2 of us do not. I have friends who have thin hair.And lament the fact that they wish the could lush, long locks. One friend has hair the refuses to grow past her chin.
    Our society puts a lot of pressure on women to have the hair of their youth-forever. For some of us, it’s just not possible.
    I’m glad you found a great alternative courtesy of your daughter.
    Wear whatever makes YOU feel beautiful and comfortable:-)


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