Facebook Page: Timeline

I gotta think out loud.

What I mean to say is, that I tend to think better when I can get it down on virtual paper, or talk it over with a friend.  Okay, hundreds of friends, in the case of this post.  But you get the idea.  And right now I’m thinking about the fact that I’ve procrastinated — drug my feet — on dealing with the new Timeline format for my Facebook business page.  I personally don’t like the Timeline.  So happily in denial, I ignored the coming change-over until the fait accompli had happened.


Today is the first day of the rest of your……facebook business life.  Right.

So what I’m up against here is the fact that I’m one gal who has three distinct businesses under a single label.  How do you make one facebook page that “covers” the spectrum?

The answer… I think…. is that you don’t.

This morning I started doing some reading on the new Timeline layout, to find out what the marketing guru-ru-rus advise.  They said things like making a clear, emotionally appealing statement with your cover photo and the first 140 characters of your “about” section.

Hmmm….. how to sum up C. A. Therien Polymer Clay Arts in an 851-x-351 photo and 140 characters.  Yeah, not gonna happen.  If I tried to put all 3 divisions under one Facebook cover, it’s gonna dilute them all to the point of confusion.  I know this for sure because I have one main website that tries to funnel customers to all 3 divisions, and I occasionally get the eyebrow-raised question from customers. If you follow the “100 rule” — for each person who takes the time to mention their confusion, there are 100 who thought the same thing but never made a comment — then you know you’ve got a slight problem.  People coming to my facebook page for Fimo Nail Art aren’t going to be interested in Memorial Beads.  And the Memorial Beads customers aren’t going to be interested in cane layering tutorials.  Etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum.

So that means I’ve got to have 3 facebook pages in order to have them be effective for reaching the customers they serve.  I’m not happy about adding extra work on my plate, but reality is what it is, and I should have made this decision a long time ago.  I gotta put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

*Deep breath*  Alright then.  To work.

I’ve already got the one main facebook page — somewhat sorely neglected, but not abandoned — which has the C. A. Therien label to it.  I’ll probably use that one for my tutorials, videos, etsy cane shop and ebay store.

Then I’ll open a facebook page for Memorial Beads’ website and etsy shop, and Brides & Bracelets’ website-in-progress (two sides of the same coin, floral remembrance keepsakes).

And finally open a facebook page for Fimo Nail Art.

I’ve got galleries for all three, enough to fill a decent album or two.  And I’ll link the three pages together somehow… That’s going to be a bit of a challenge, but it’s not the main one.  The main one is that the new pages will have no Facebook histories attached to them, and I’ll want to explain that a bit.  Or not.  But probably will.

…..Later that day…..


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