Facebook Imitates Life

Yes I’m on a Facebook roll!

You know the old phrase, “art imitates life”?  Well sometimes I think Facebook should be art’s stunt double.  Or in my particular case, this blog’s stunt double!  I’m finding that if I want to post something, whether it’s a project I’m working on or a rant I have or just whatnot blather about my kids, I’m more and more turning to Facebook to do that.

Couple of reasons:  1, it’s like Mc’Donalds for social addicts like me.  Hot, fast, and cheap!  I can update my status with pics, text, links or whatever from my cellphone.  Replies are instant and I get a text on my phone when someone replies.  2, I’ve got a lot more people viewing my Facebook profile than I do this blog.  Hence a lot more interaction.

So what does that mean for my happy little Fimo home here?  Well, I think it means that I’m gonna need to integrate them a little better.  Because blogs really do give a much better place to ramble on and on about a subject.  You can have a full-course meal in a blog post, where that’s really not too practical in a Facebook post.  (Yes, you could write a Facebook Note.  But really, who reads those things??!!)  If I want to go into detail about a project, and would prefer not to break it up into cookie-sized bites, a blog is a way better way to go.

I’m adding a link in the sidebar to my Facebook profile, so if you are wondering what I’m up to (and it seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve posted in my blog), then click on the Facebook link and you’ll be able to keep up with what I’ve been doing.

Today I posted in Facebook that I was ‘sperimentin’ with something that’s been sitting in my craft closet for a few years:  Sophisticated Finishes Metallic Surfacers.  They’re very much like the Swellegant line of ground metals suspended in a clear acrylic medium.  Great for all kinds of craft projects, whether you work in polymer clay or not.  I’ve got some Memorial Beads projects percolating in the back of my brain for using these surfacers, so you’ll probably be seeing more of this subject in the future.


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