Princess Seam Vest

simplicity 2566I have some really nice suiting fabrics and have a need for some basic vests in my wardrobe.  I chose the vest from Simplicity #2566.  I love, love, love the Khaliah Ali Collection from Simplicity!  It is perfect for curvy girls, and gives a very nice silhouette that gently flatters the hips.  This pattern has 6 different pieces that can be made, with dozens of different outfit combinations.  Eventually I’ll make every piece in this envelope.

suiting vest 1aI loved how the vest fits, but I ran into a problem with my first attempt.  And it was against my better judgement:  I used an old fabric that I didn’t like for the lining on the vest.  Had it been a slippery fabric that would have been fine.  But no, it was a cotton.  So every time I tried the vest on, the cotton lining would stick to my shirt and neither one of them would hang right.  I could have chosen to use a silky shirt underneath… but most of my shirts are either jersey knit or cotton blends.

suiting vest 1bSo I opted to take the whole thing apart, learning a lesson about linings.  It’s the reason lining fabrics are silky.  ooooohhh.  right.  The new vest hangs better even on the dress form, can you see the difference?  Plus, the lining is a dark color rather than the light colored pattern from the first lining.  It’s almost done; all I have to do is make the buttons and sew the button holes.


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