Lucy’s Corsetry

lucycorsetryI just cannot say enough about this young lady.  I ran across her YouTube channel a few months ago when I began researching corsets.  And hands down, she has the absolutely best information on the whys and wherefores about corsets that exists on the web.  Not only does she explain corset wearing and all the health effects, but she also explains why you would do this or that when making a corset, and when wearing a corset how it should look and feel.

Today Lucy posted a response to the Huffington Post’s article on shapewear.  Now I’m a big shapewear fan, as you know.  I own a couple of Spanx pieces, and I wear them frequently.  Foundation garments are as feminine and sexy as you get, in my opinion!  So the HP’s article came as quite a surprise, considering the source.  I loved how Lucy responded to them; of course her perspective was mostly focused on corset wearing, but she also touched on some of the important issues with wearing foundation garments, because the effect on the body is similar.  Foundation garments usually aren’t as compressing as a corset, but understanding what happens in your body while wearing a corset also applies to wearing foundation garments.  I recommend reading her advice — and do go through the links that she gave, to her other articles relating to the subject.  Lucy is incredibly informed and willing to take the time to walk you through the answers to your questions about corset wearing and construction.


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