Sewing A Bra (Part 1)

Since I’m having a good time making corsets, I thought I might try my hand at making a brassiere.  I’d love to have pretty, well-made bras that fit me perfectly and don’t cost me a Victoria Secret Angel’s fortune!  I found that there are a number of bra patterns online to choose from, depending on the style you want.  I chose Elan’s 645 underwire style with two options, a lace panel at the top of each cup, or a solid fabric panel.

Another reason I chose this Elan pattern was that it was recommended as one of the bra pattern options on a Bra Sew-Along that I found.  It’s a great way to start this new (and, admittedly a little daunting) project with the assistance of a group of people who have already paved the way.  I’m learning from their examples of success and failure!

bra fabricsI went to the fabric store looking for something like what the illustration showed, which was incidentally just what I wanted: a shiny black fabric and a pretty lace.  I chose something maybe a little unconventional: a black performance 4-way stretch.  It’s unconventional because it has that lame’ wet look to it.  I hope it works!  I also bought a stretch lace that I fell in love with.  Gorgeous turquoise embroidery at the top.  I was super excited about it until I saw the price:  $26 a yard!  But I had a 50% coupon and the yard was enough for at least two bras and maybe inserts in a cami and tap pants, so I was willing to pay that price.  Besides, I reminded myself that quality, handmade bras that are custom fit can run into the triple digits in price!

I’m going to be working on this bra concurrently with working on my corseted vest, so there will be more posts to come on this adventure.  But if you’re curious and thinking you might like to make your own bra someday, take a read through that Bra Sew-Along.  Might convince you that you can, indeed, make your own custom-fit bras.


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