Fimo is a brand name of polymer clay.  Other popular brands are Premo!, Cernit, Kato Polyclay, and others.  This is a man-made clay that hardens at low temperatures (230 – 275 degrees), verses earthen clays that fire at high heats and require a kiln.  Fimo and other brands of clay come in a rainbow of colors and offer incredibly versatile applications across a wide range of crafts.  Here you’ll find a list of some helpful projects and tutorials.

Polymer Clay and Stemware (drinking glasses):  Hints about adding polymer clay to wine glasses and other glasses with stems.

Bonny Buttons!:  My friend Lisa Clarke has a great tutorial for making your own buttons.  Talk about customizing work and saving money!  I make my own buttons, too, and they go through the washer and dryer fine.

Sutton Slice:  This is a great tutorial by Lisa Pavelka for making a really neat effect.

Retro Earrings:  I still wear these!

Faux Pearl Necklace:  I still wear this one, too.



How To Make A Faux Stained Glass Egg:  A video tutorial for making this project.

How To Slice Fimo Nail Art Canes: A video tutorial for slicing fimo canes.


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