Here is a list of sewing projects and tutorials and resources — sewing is one of my favorite hobbies!

Clothes To Dye For:  using home dyes to give new life to clothing.

Sewing Adaptive Patterns, and Peg’s Dress :  sewing for the wheelchair bound.

Shapewear and Surprises:  I’m a “firm” believer in shapewear!  If you don’t know what that is, think Spanx, or girdles, or corsets (more on corsets below)

Sewing and Style Book Reviews:  Some excellent books that I personally own and reviewed.

Sewing Pattern Organizer:  One of the BEST things I’ve ever, ever done to organize my patterns.

Beating the Body Humbug:  Duct tape dress form instructions!

Renaissance Faire Dress, Part 1 and Part 2: My first Ren Faire costume, and my first foray into boning a bodice.

Sewing Circle (aka “Craft Night”):  Monday nights are sacred at my house, and dedicated to all sorts of crafty-ness.

Creating a Pants Sloper: Yep, just what it says.  Pants!  Eeeeek!

Sewing Projects:  A few random projects I was working on. (Pants and two vests)

Underbust Corset #1: My first attempt at making a corset.

Overbust Corset #1 (Part 1): I’m doing a second corset, this time styling it as a waistcoat style vest.

Princess Seam Vest: Oh I love the Khaliah Ali Collection from Simplicity.

Lucy’s Corsetry: My favorite corset making blogger, hands down.  She not only tells you the whats and wherefores about corseting, but WHY.

Sewing A Bra (Part 1):  I’m venturing into the wild world of sewing my first bra, courtesy of a Bra Making Sew-Along!


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